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Soba and Sake


Commitment to Junmai Sake

〜 Experience its Character 〜

At Hachifukusuke, we specialize in serving junmai sake. Junmai sake is characterized by its pure rice content, without the addition of brewer's alcohol, allowing you to experience the natural richness and depth of the rice. It offers a diverse and distinctive range of flavors. We invite you to savor this unique encounter with junmai sake at our place.

Commitment to Taste

〜 Over 100 Brands Allowed for Tasting 〜

We consider sake to be an agricultural product. Even the same brand can differ in taste from year to year. That's why sake is intriguing and enjoyable. Regardless of reputation, we conduct tastings and recommend pure rice sakes that we truly find delicious.

Commitment to Quality Control

〜 The Finest Quality at the Moment You Drink 〜

We have collaborated with liquor stores that adhere to strict quality standards, ensuring the availability of freshly managed junmai sake. Moreover, we maintain meticulous freshness control at our establishment, ensuring that the moment our customers taste the sake is of the utmost quality for the beverage.

Commitment to Cups and Decanters

〜 The Place for Engaging Conversations and Mutual Respect 〜

Indeed, enjoying sake in a wine glass enhances the understanding of its taste and aroma. However, we deliberately adhere to the traditional Japanese style of enjoying sake with 'ochoko' (small cups) and 'tokkuri' (sake flasks). This is because we believe that engaging in lively conversations while pouring and being poured a drink, enjoying the back-and-forth, is the true essence of sake culture.

Commitment to the All-You-Can-Taste

〜 Enjoying New Encounters to the Fullest 〜

At Hachifukusuke, we offer an "All-You-Can-Taste” menu for any brand you prefer. Please enjoy your new encounters with various junmai sake to your heart's content.

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